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Training & Education

TIE Youth Development

TIE Youth Development focuses on “Prevention Education.” The purpose and goal of this series of workshops is to encourage a healthy dialogue with our community’s young males. Particularly, discussion and education will center around the unique challenges youth face in their daily lives, and as important, challenging each other to offer and implement solutions in combatting the obstacles that may impede maturation.

Education Sessions

The Blue Print – Your Definition and Path to Success & Goal Setting

Fresh to Death – First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

What’s YOUR Game Plan – Building Your Brand

Your Network is Your Net Worth – How to Network

Living Uncommon In A Common World – Lifestyle Education

Essential Etiquette for Young Men

U.O.E.N.O – Respecting Women

Sexual Violence Education

Real Men Have SWAG – Sincere Ways of Attracting Girls (Healthy Relationships)

Playing Your Position – Leadership

The Impact of Stereotypes

Financial Literacy

Team Building

Professional & Personal Development

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, in this series of seminars, Total Image Empowerment will provide relevant professional and personal development tools to enhance your career and your public purpose. Bridging the scope of enterprise and community, the seminars are divided into two timely categories: Building Your Brand and Impacting Your Community.


Building Your Brand
Dress for Success
Creating Powerful Networks
Social Media Education and Responsibility
Team Building
Power and the Belief of Idealism
The Importance of Understanding and Teaching Young Males to Succeed
Consequences of Stereotypes
Importance of Inclusivity
Understanding the Cultural Relevance and Importance of Hip Hop
Sexual Violence Education
Understanding the Impact of Poverty


Please contact TIE if you are interested in learning more or would like a TIE representative to lead a workshop and/or education session with your group.

We rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.